A foundation built on academics.

Kids-N-Fitness uses the creative curriculum model as the foundation of our program for all age groups. The areas of development include social/emotional, physical cognitive and language. Each of these areas is aligned with the Illinois Early Learning Guidelines/Standards in order to properly prepare children for each milestone and transition.

The social/emotional component involves helping the children to gain a stronger sense of self. This means behaving in appropriate ways, and taking responsibility for self and others.

The second component of the curriculum model is centered on physical development. Kids-N-Fitness is a highly active program where gross motor is an integral part of the daily routine. Our children participate in a variety of activities. Fine motor skills are also included in the physical component and are equally important.

The cognitive development portion of the curriculum refers to how the child’s mind works. Kids-N-Fitness strives to reach children at their own cognitive level but encourages them to explore and expand their knowledge through active and imaginative play. The final area of development is language. This includes written words, as well as spoken language. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are all components that make up this critical component. Our teachers work to recognize the individual needs of each of their students and adapt the curriculum accordingly,

Happy toddler smiling
Happy toddler smiling

Our Classrooms

We designed our classrooms at Kids-N-Fitness childcare around areas of interest. Each area of interest is specifically designed to fulfill the ExceleRate Illinois requirements. Areas include blocks, dramatic play, table toys, cognitive games, art, library or cozy corner, science, math or discovery, sand and water, and music. Everything is organized so the children can move freely through the room and provide predictability and structure.

We strive to provide an environment where the children feel they belong and where consistency provides a sense of security to the child’s day. Child-initiated learning is highly encouraged and teachers have the freedom to incorporate the content areas in ways they believe best meet the needs of each child.

Children learn in so many ways and one size does not fit all, so our teachers strive to find the best ways to reach each child at their own developmental level. Kids-N-Fitness works closely with area schools, and regularly makes additions to our curriculum based on the information provided to us.

teacher reading book to a group of children sitting on the floor

Assessment of Learning

Kids-N-Fitness uses our own assessment system which includes the three steps critical to the creative curriculum assessment tool.

These three steps are:

  1. collecting facts,
  2. analyzing and evaluating the collected facts, and
  3. using what has been learned.
teacher reading book to a group of children sitting on the floor

The assessment tool is used for gaining knowledge about an individual child, but also for assessing the teachers and the program as a whole. The tool is evaluated yearly and changes are made when necessary. The assessment results of are shared with the child’s parents/guardians. It is our goal to complete a minimum of two assessments per year.

When possible, an outside agency completes assessments for our infants and toddlers. If there is ever a concern about developmental milestones, the staff will communicate the concern with the parents/guardians, and resources will be made available for further assessment.

Our Pledge to You

  • We will not discriminate on race, creed, place of origin or abilities.
  • We will treat each child as if the success of the center depends on that child alone.
  • We will further our professional knowledge through 20 hours of continuing education annually and will keep abreast of new developments in our field.
  • We will maximize the potential for appropriate development in every child.
  • We will encourage good citizenship and model the same behaviors.
  • We will celebrate the uniqueness of children and encourage the development of their own strengths.
  • We will do our best to deliver what we promise.

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